A downloadable Visual Novel

You're the recent inheritor of a vast fortune, and surprise! An old friend from your childhood shows up at your door.

It turns out she's here in your town for an event known as the hero's coliseum, a tournament for up and coming adventurers to make their heroic debut!

But... unfortunately she's short for the entrance fee and needs your help...

Will you help her achieve her dreams of adventure? Or will you just make her do chores in your house to pay you back?


Upcoming Features

  • Name your childhood friend! That's how names work, right?
  • Build magic and sword stats while balancing cash money and health!
  • Stat building simulation, and inaccurate bad friendship simulation!
  • Watch your friend meet girls, and kiss 'em (maybe?)!
  • No kissing for you, though, sorry.

A stat building sim made for Yuri Game Jam 2016, made by Adoxographist. Come visit me on twitter!

Unfortunately, the game isn't finished yet. I'm currently working on a playable version with two different girls (WOW!) that I'll upload as soon as it's done. But the plan is to keep on working on it until there are way more girls than just two. How many? Sky's the limit, baby.

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